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Craig Shinn
Craig Shinn

Program Manager, Natural Resources Programs

Associate Professor of Public Administration




Where people and the environment intertwine, you will find Craig W. Shinn (B.S., University of Maine; M.P.A., Lewis & Clark College; Ph.D., University of Washington). The Pacific Northwest gives Dr. Shinn an endless stream of opportunities to work on environmental and natural resource policy and administration through teaching, research and professional outreach.

His teaching, through the Masters in Public Administration program, the Public Administration and Policy doctoral program and the Executive Leadership Institute, demonstrates his commitment to combining people, politics and the environment.  The National Policy Process seminar travels to Washington, D.C. following natural resource policymaking step by step.  His classes and seminars in organization theory draw on his experience with and study of natural resource organizations and institutions. 

Short courses like Natural Resource Policy Values and Economics, or Watersheds: The Clean Water Act and More, and programs he oversees like the Executive Seminar Program and the Watershed Management Professional Program, build on his practice and understanding of policy, institutions and community-based natural resource management.

Dr. Shinn is regularly involved in the community of practice-providing applied workshops, consulting services and outreach in the region and across the nation and globe. Craig Shinn currently Chairs the as hoc Advisory Committee for the Sustainable Forest Indicators Project for the Oregon Board of Forestry and as a member of the Advisory Board for The Resource Innovation group and for the Institute for Natural Resources.

Dr. Shinn's research stems from his interests in how policy agreement is created and sustained in society including administrative aspects of adaptive management, social aspects of sustainability, civic capacity building and inter-jurisdictional administration of natural resources.  He coauthored Rural Resource Management (1994) with Sandra Miller and William Bentley and co-managed the Oregon State of the Environment Report (2000). Most recently he co-authored Foundations of Public Service with Dr. Doug Morgan et al.

He has recently been involved in three funded research efforts: a partnership to collaborate in developing indicators of sustainability with the Mt. Hood National Forest and David Ervin, a study of civic engagement with Douglas Morgan, Hatfield School and Dilafruz Williams, Graduate School of Education, PSU and Masami Nishishiba, Hatfield School, PSU and a review of USDA Forest Service Community Based Watershed Restoration Partnerships with Bob Doppelt, Center for Watershed and Community Health and DeWitt John, Bowdoin College (September, 2002).