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Christopher M. Campbell, Ph.D.
Christopher M. Campbell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Criminology & Criminal Justice

550B Urban Center Building
(503) 725-9896

Curriculum Vita (pdf)


Ph.D., Criminal Justice & Criminology, Washington State University
M.A., Sociology, Ohio University
B.A., Sociology & Criminology, Ohio University

Dr. Campbell earned his Ph.D. in criminal justice and criminology in 2015 from Washington State University. His broad research interests emphasize institutional and community corrections, criminal justice policy, and criminological theory. His current research focuses on the practices of sanctioning offender misconduct in community supervision and prison settings. Most notably, Dr. Campbell's work has found evidence suggesting that traditional practices of returning to confinement parolees who technically violate the conditions of their release may actually increase the likelihood to commit a new crime. 

In addition, Dr. Campbell has studied the importance of attitudes and perceptions as they relate to criminal justice agents and general criminality. Recently, he has begun to involve more work in juvenile delinquency in an effort to investigate other causes of crime and possible methods to address those causes through rehabilitation and policy.