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Antonio D'Auria '02
Antonio D'Auria '02

On a layover in Accra, Ghana, Delta flight attendant Antonio D’Auria ’02 visited an orphanage and found a new family.

Antonio, who grew up in a loving family of little means, felt compelled to check out an Accra orphanage that he had heard was the largest in Ghana. Antonio’s experiences as a political science major at PSU, gave him the confidence that one person could make a difference. Upon visiting the orphanage, he was so taken with the children and their obvious needs that on his next trip he brought them a few gifts and supplies. That gesture started a movement.

Taking advantage of a job that allows him to travel inexpensively on his own time, Antonio regularly delivers supplies and support to 200 children who love him like a father. Wanting to do more than he could alone, Antonio formed Sky of Love, [] a nonprofit that shelters and educates orphaned, abused, and neglected children. Fellow Delta employees, his Brooklyn (N.Y.) neighbors, schoolchildren, and friends of friends support the organization.

What started as a curiosity has become a passion. “This is not an obligation,” Antonio says. “It’s a natural thing to share my blessings to help others improve their lives. And when I show up to the orphanage and the kids come running—there’s no price for that.”