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Alyse Collins
Alyse Collins

As Senior Advisor in PSU's Education Abroad office, Alyse Collins works to help PSU students turn their dream of studying abroad into a reality.

Alyse advises PSU students who are interested in studying in Africa, Asia, Europe (east & south), and the Middle East. She came to the PSU Education Abroad office from Earlham College about 10 years ago and has been at PSU ever since.

As a high school student, Alyse traveled with her high school Japanese class in order to participate in a summer study abroad program in Gunma prefecture, Japan. While in college, a 6-month study abroad program in Israel was added to Alyse's schedule and soon became a highlight of her undergraduate studies.  Alyse also partcipicated in a 18 month service mission in Kobe & Osaka, Japan while an undergraduate student.

Alyse earned a BA in International Relations and a Minor in Japanese, from Brigham Young University. She also earned a MA in Communication Studies from Portland State University.

The love of travel and her interest in engaging with people from different backgrounds led Alyse to the field of International Education. Alyse continues to travel and has visited many different countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.  Her most memorable places so far - Japan, Cambodia, and India.

Alyse Collins
Senior Advisor
Karl Miller Center 610G

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