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Capacity building for the common good: PSU’s interdisciplinary minor in civic leadership. Capacity building for the common good: PSU’s interdisciplinary minor in civic leadership.
Authored by: Nishishiba, Masami & Kecskes, Kevin. This article discusses the history, structure, and roles of academic and community partners associated with the Civic Leadership minor, and elaborates the philosophical foundation of the interdisciplinary curriculum that aims to build student capacity for the common good.
James Pankow James Pankow
Engineering Star - Joining an elite academy
Faculty Member
Barry Messer Barry Messer
Pollution Prevention - Restoring stream banks with plants and people
Faculty Member
Marcus Ingle Marcus Ingle
Interested in Global Leadership? What about traveling? If yes, Professor Ingle's Development Management in Vietnam class might be a good fit for you.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Graig Spolek Meet Professor Graig Spolek
The city is Professor Spolek's laboratory.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Dundar Kocaoglu Meet Professor Dundar Kocaoglu
Dundar Kocaoglu and his team of researchers have developed a process to help companies make strategic decisions using mathematical models to determine a decision's impact.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Peter Dusicka Meet Professor Peter Dusicka
Peter Dusicka's research revolves around promoting survivability through materials and engineering.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Scott Wells Meet Professor Scott Wells
Scott Wells specializes in developing computer models for reservoirs, lakes, and rivers in order to maintain their quality.
Faculty Member
Learning Garden Laboratory Learning Garden Laboratory
Promoting sustainable gardening, growing food and healthy nutrition.
Community Partnership
David Ervin David Ervin
David Ervin, Professor, Environmental Sciences and Resources
Faculty Member
Jennifer Allen Jennifer Allen
Jennifer H. Allen, associate professor of Public Administration.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Dilafruz Williams Meet Professor Dilafruz Williams
Do you want to talk "politics, public education and environment?" Meet Dr. Dilafruz Williams.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Karen Karavanic Meet Professor Karen Karavanic
Karen Karavanic's enthusiasm for research motivates her to integrate cutting edge results into all of her courses.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Vivek Shandas Meet Professor Vivek Shandas
Integrating the science of sustainability with citizen engagement and decision making efforts
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Thomas Gillpatrick Meet Professor Thomas Gillpatrick
Oregon's food industry has a lot of cravings. Tom Gillpatrick satisfies them.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Mark Sytsma Meet Professor Mark Sytsma
When aliens invade our waters, Mark Sytsma fights back.
Faculty Member