• South Slavic language
  • Official language of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Spoken by 2,700,000 people
  • Once known as Serbo-Croatian
  • Recognized as a separate language of a newly formed state in 1995
  • Uses Latin alphabet, although Cyrillic is also accepted to accomodate for its usage in former Yugoslavia


    Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian languages are mutually intelligible and have been, due to the conjunction of historical circumstancies, all codified on essentially the same dialect. Many people say that they are all one entity otherwise known as Serbo-Croatian. (for example the University of Washington Slavic Studies Department offers a course in the Serb/Bosniak/Croat language). Thus the information available on Serbian can be applied to Bosnian and Croatian.

    For Phonology, Grammar & Implications for SLP see our Serbian page.

    Listen to an English speaker with Serbian accent.

    Student Contributor for this page: Gosha Spiess, Winter term 2009

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