Viking Motorsports

Viking Motorsports (VMS) is a student group focused on designing and building formula race cars from the ground up. Every year, VMS competes in Formula SAE, which is a worldwide collegiate competition created by SAE International.

Members gain a wide range of skills necessary to succeed in the automotive industry as the team is essentially treated like a small business. The team creates a yearly budget, vehicle design, and project timeline, and given those restraints, produces a race car that can stand up to the rigorous standards upheld by Formula SAE. The team proves it meets these standards at competition through technical inspections, design presentations, business presentations, and dynamic events.

While VMS is an MME student group, it is open to members from all disciplines. For more information on VMS, please visit the Viking Motorsports website.

VMS is primarily funded through sponsorships and donations. If you are interested in sponsoring VMS, please contact If you are interested in donating to VMS, please click the Donate Now button below.

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