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Record Breaking Enrollments

It’s a big year for Mechanical Engineering at Portland State University (PSU).  This fall, the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department welcomed 83 juniors into the BSME program.  That is nearly as many students as were admitted into the program the entire previous academic year.

In order to accommodate a 30% increase in enrollment, the department has added sections of key courses and labs.  The department has also hired tutors for the freshman engineering sequence as well as for dynamics.  Offering added sections will give students more choices in how they complete the program.  

The department anticipates more record breaking enrollments in upcoming terms.  In order to accommodate the increased interest, the BSME program will be moving to a selective admission process.  Students must still meet all of the minimum admission criteria.  Students are then ranked in order of GPA.  Only the top GPA’s will be admitted into the BSME program.

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