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Meet Education Abroad Peer Advisor Lomayani Meekisho
Meet Education Abroad Peer Advisor Lomayani Meekisho

Yani is an undergraduate student, majoring in Linguistics and Chinese. He is a transfer student from Portland Community College. While studying abroad in China, Yani lived in two major cities (Chengdu and Shanghai), for a total of one year.  Yani received multiple scholarships to help fund his study abroad experience.

Before leaving for China, Yani had never left the United States. He was nervous, but ready. Settling into life in China turned out to be much less difficult than he had originally anticipated. As he traveled to many cities in China, he was often helped by friendly strangers he met along the way.  This was very helpful as he encountered countless complex and stressful experiences inherent in international travel.

Yani's study abroad programs both offered him a lot of free time, which was exactly what he needed to improve his Chinese language skills. Navigating a new culture created many challenges, even making jokes was a challenge. Over time, Yani became a proficient speaker of Chinese and deepened his understanding of China.  From his experience, he was able to network and was also able to find several job opportunities for after graduation.  He has many friends from various countries waiting for him when he returns to China.

The most meaningful experience Yani had while abroad was being a part of student groups at his host University. Through involvement in student groups, Yani was able to see how Chinese people get together to plan events and how they recruit interested students. These skills will carry forward into his future work in China and within the Chinese cultural sphere.

Yani deeply believes in the power of study abroad to open doors for future career opportunities.  He hopes to be able to help other students find the right program that matches their goals.

After graduating, Yani hopes to return to China in order to pursue a Master's program in Second Language Learning.