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Meet Professor Masami Nishishiba Meet Professor Masami Nishishiba
Associate Professor of Public Administration
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Jon Holt  Meet Professor Jon Holt
Assistant Professor of Japanese Literature
Faculty Member
Wynn Kiyama Wynn Kiyama
Taiko Ensemble Director
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Suwako Watanabe - Japanese Meet Professor Suwako Watanabe - Japanese
Dr. Watanabe relishes the moments when the "light bulb" goes on in her students and their Japanese language learning becomes meaningful to them.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Hiro Ito Meet Professor Hiro Ito
Professor Ito is an expert in East Asian economics.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Ken Ruoff Meet Professor Ken Ruoff
Dr. Ken Ruoff, Director of the Center for Japanese Studies, is an expert in Japanese history.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Larry Kominz Meet Professor Larry Kominz
Professor Kominz brings the joy of Japanese performing arts to students and audiences alike.
Faculty Member