CEE Students Win Big at ASCE Regional Conference
Author: Civil Engineering
Posted: April 14, 2018

Picture of students at ASCE PNW

PSU Civil and Environmental engineering students, led by faculty advisor Dr. Evan Kristof, took three first place titles in the Regional ASCE Student Conference in Klamath Falls on April 5th - 7th.  The event includes student competitions involving teams from all 16 universities in the Pacific Northwest with civil engineering programs.  PSU's student teams took first place in 3 out of the 4 major events.

  • The Steel Bridge Team took first place overall and is moving on to the national competition at the University of Illinois. The bridge took ~11 minutes (without penalties, ~9:25 min) for three people to build, and only deflected 0.3” at midspan when loaded with 2500 pounds.
  • Katherine Keeling impressed the judges with her well-researched real-world examples and from her slideshow (comprised of all self-drawn images) and took first place in the technical paper presentation.
  • The Environmental and Water Resources Team took first place out of a total of 10 teams. The prompt was to design and build a water filter for a disaster situation constructed from affordable and readily available products. They had to filter 5 gallons of water from the Upper Klamath Lake in 6 hours. Their filter consisted of PVC pipes, hose clamps, a rubber end cap, gravel, pool filter sand, activated charcoal, cotton balls, household bleach (6%), and a 5 gal collection bucket. 

The Concrete Canoe Team had a good showing, especially the oral presentation, but finished 8th place. Canoe races were canceled due to the weather for the first time in 30+ years, but the team had a blast! They were still able to “swamp test” the canoe on Friday, and it floated - just as their calculations showed it should have!