MME Response to COVID-19

Dear MME Students and Alumni,


In these uncertain times, we understand that many of you may be feeling worried and/or anxious about the weeks and months to come. Despite our physical distance, we aim to continue to work together as a community to overcome these struggles and work towards a brighter future. We are sending this email today because we would like to inform everyone of MME's efforts to fight the spread of Coronavirus and how you can get involved.


We have joined with a local grassroots emergency organization called Maker Force, which is harnessing the collective manufacturing power of individual makers and 3D printing capabilities in Portland. With this group, we will be using many of our 3D printers to build personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical professionals and first responders. If you have a 3D printer, sewing machine, or other relevant equipment that you wish to use for this cause, you may sign up to help build parts. Sign up here.


In addition to printing and sewing equipment, this group is looking for help with pickup and delivery of parts, assembly, packaging, social media, or any other help you think you can give (Fill in the 'Anything else we should know?' section).


If you have any questions about the sign up process or how you can help, please reach out to Dr. Alex Hunt at, or Chris Clark at


We are extremely grateful for and humbled by our community's desire to help, not just now but throughout the year. By working together, we will continue to make positive impacts throughout the world. Thank you for your continued dedication, flexibility, and can do spirit during this unprecedented event.


All the best,

MME Department