Machine Shop Safety Class

All students must complete the shop safety class to be able to work in the MME Machine Shop. The class is held in two sessions; an introductory session (Part One) and an hands-on session (Part Two).

Part One is approximately one hour (depending on questions) and is limited to 20 students per session. This session covers all of the safety requirements and rules of the shop. A brief description of the various machinery and tools is provided, as well as the times and days the shop is available for student use. The Machine Shop Waiver and Policy Form must be submitted prior to the start of this session.

Part Two is approximately two hours and is limited to five students per session. This session focuses on the basic operation of a manual milling machine. Each student machines a precision piece of plastic to make the sides square and parallel, and then uses an edge finder to locate and set X and Y axis coordinates to drill a precisely located hole. Depending on a student's experience and ability to demonstrate basic machining operations, the student may be granted a waiver for this session.

Once both sessions are completed, students will have supervised access to the Machine Shop.

The Machine Shop Safety Class is not required for students who have successfully completed ME 240L or ME 241L at Portland State University.