Fall 2020 BSME Late Application

*** The Fall 2020 BSME Late Application deadline is June 20, 2020 ***

Students completing Spring 2020 courses outside of PSU: Your application will not be processed if the MME Department does not receive Spring 2020 grades by June 28, 2020.

Transfer students should be prepared to upload all non-PSU unofficial transcripts to the application.

Please note that students do not need to be admitted into the BSME program to take lower-division (100 and 200 level) coursework. Complete this application only if lower-division admission requirements will be completed by the start of fall term.

Students have two weeks to complete the application once it is started. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

BSME Late Application Details:

  • To be eligible for admission, you must have:
    • No more than six shaded/required Selective Admission GPA courses can be outstanding as of April 15, 2020 (excluding Freshmen Inquiry or WR 121/COMM 220)
    • All required/shaded classes on the BSME course plan completed prior to Fall 2020 with a grade of C or better. A C- will not count as meeting admission criteria.
      • Note: In response to COVID-19, the MME Department has adopted a P/NP policy for Spring and Summer 2020 courses. Please reach out to mmedept@pdx.edu for policy details and how it affects selective admission.
    • Met all other Selective Admission criteria outline here: BSME Admission Criteria
  • Applications will be evaluated during our second review cycle. Priority admission is given to students who applied by the April 15th deadline. Late applicants will be admitted to open seats based on their selective admission GPA.
  • Admission decisions will be sent by July 15, 2020
  • If you have not done so, please apply to Portland State University. Applicants must be accepted by both the University and the MME Department to start the upper-division program. If you have not applied to the University, please do so here: Admissions.
  • Additionally, official PSU communication must go to a pdx.edu email address. You will need to establish a pdx.edu email address prior to July 15th as you may risk missing important notifications regarding the BSME program
  • Students will not be able to register for Fall term upper-division ME classes until they have been admitted and have returned their signed admission letters to the Department

Fall 2020 BSME Late Application