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Engineering Work Experience (EWX MME)


The Engineering Work Experience (EWX) program help students obtain engineering work experience at technology companies in the Portland region. The EWX program is designed to support traditional summer internships, as well as part-time work experience while students are attending classes. This provides students with an opportunity to gain work experience with local technology companies and to distinguish themselves before graduation.  

We use a careful selection process for admission to the program. Once admitted, students may receive training, and participate in workshops. After a student is hired, they are monitored during their work experience to ensure the experience helps them learn about the practice of engineering and that companies are receiving valuable contributions from the students. 

Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply to the ECE/MME EWX Program, students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Junior standing in ECE (undergrad)
  • ECE: Enrolled in or have completed ECE 371, 321 or 331
  • MME: Enrolled in or have completed  ME 313, ME 314, ME 350 and ME 351 or ME 320, ME 321, ME 322 and ME 350
  • Graduate not earlier than Spring 2016
  • GPA > 3.2
  • International Students must be eligible to work in the United States, some other company restrictions may apply


  • Due Date: 12 January 2015
  • Submit the following materials to with the subject line "2015 EWX MME Application"
    • Resume - single page, include GPA, Expected Graduation Date
    • Cover letter - explain why we should consider you for this type of internship


You will receive notification of you acceptance status not later than 19 January 2015.  Interviews will be scheduled on 28 January, offers will be made by 16 February and your reply to the offer is required by 20 February 2015.

Internship Preparation

  • To prepare you for the internship you may:
    • Attend workshops (resume writing, interviews, job searching, networking)
    • Consultation with Frank Goovaerts
  • Attend interview day (28 January 2014, 9-12AM)

During the Internship

  • Apply what you have learned in class, learn new things, and enjoy the challenges
  • Represent yourself and PSU professionally
  • Know when to ask for help
  • Provide status to PSU upon conclusion of the internship -or- after 12 weeks, whatever comes first

At Internship Conclusion

Participate in exit survey

Other Information

  • Detailed interview schedule will be conveyed to those admitted to the program
  • Acceptance does not guarantee internship placement
  • Students accepted to the EWX program are encouraged to apply to other engineering internship offerings.