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Educational Objectives

BSME Program Educational Objectives

The BSME curriculum has the following Program Educational Objectives:

  • Graduates are employed as mechanical engineers or in related fields that benefit from a mechanical engineering education.
  • Graduates advance in their profession and engage in the professional community.
  • Graduates participate in post-graduate educational opportunities.

The BSME Program Educational Objectives were formulated in a process of consultation with students, faculty, PSU administrators, and the MME Industrial Advisory Board. The Program Educational Objectives were updated in April 2011 to allow attainment of the objectives to be measured quantitatively. These objectives describe the goals we expect our students to attain within three years of graduating with a BSME degree.


Your input to the assessment process is welcome.  Throughout the year, there are opportunities to provide feedback through surveys and other questionnaires created as part of our program assessment process. In addition, send feedback or suggestions for improvement at any time to the MME Department chair, or email us at