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2017 Design Fair

The Design Fair is the culmination of capstone and freshman engineering. Students showcase their prototypes to project sponsors, students, faculty and the local community. Students will be available to demonstrate their prototypes and answer question about their project designs and objectives.

The 2017 Design Fair will take place on Thursday, June 8th from 2-3 p.m. in the Engineering Building Atrium.

GROUP NAME Project Objective or Description LEVEL
3D Systems Injection Molding The objective of this project is to develop process guidelines for rapid prototyping of injection molds and to create a fixture for testing so that the customer (3DSystems) may be able to readily market the process in their catalog of products.  Capstone
3D Printing for Investment Casting This capstone project will create a knowledge base of design guidelines along with the fixtures and the systematic procedure, to evaluate 3D printed materials for use with investment casting.  Capstone
ASHRAE Integrated Sustainable Building Design Team Design an energy sustainable, commercial Building in the Diego Ramirez Islands, Chile, that exceeds minimum ASHRAE standards, and is within the client's budget of ($200/ft2).  Capstone
Hyster-Yale Lift Truck Anti-pitch System Create a proof of concept model that simulates a pitching forklift, reduces the pitching frequency to at least 1 Hz, and simulates steering wheels maintaining ground contact after first oscillation.   Capstone
Hyster-Yale Automatic Seat Positioning System Design, build and test a seat positioning system that performs as a one-touch process and integrates into the current Hyster-Yale forklift hood system by June 2017.  Capstone
Bipedal Robot and Human Balance Test Bed (BRUTE) Design, build and test a platform for testing control systems for the balance of a bipedal robot by June 1, 2017.  Capstone
Automated Rescue Device for Pool Drowning Victims Design and test a robust automated mechanical device utilizing existing software to aid drowning people regardless of age or ability, to be delivered by Q2 2017.  Capstone
Portland Loo Latch Design or refine a latching and dampening system, and to complete a working prototype for the Portland Loo by June 15th, 2017 that: adheres to ADA standards, boasts improved durability and security, and has the ability to remote lock electronically or be otherwise programmed for timed locking.  Capstone
PSAS Composite Fuel Tank The objective of this project is to develop a design and a manufacturing process for a composite fuel tank intended to hold liquid oxygen propellant for use in the Portland State Aerospace Society's LV4 rocket.  Capstone
Electric Feed System The objective of the EFS project is to design, build, and test an electric feed system using COTS parts and in-house manufacturing for the PSAS LV4 liquid fueled bi-propellant rocket engine prototype by June 6, 2017.  Capstone
Stand Alone Cooling System for PSU SRTC Labs Reduce the energy use of the PSU SRTC building through the design of an independent cooling system for 12 designated rooms, with a simple return on investment limited to 10 years and within a budget of $100,000.  Capstone
Rhamey Mobility Device Design and manufacture by May 26th, 2017 a safe and lightweight mobility device capable of transporting its user across uneven terrain.  Capstone
Simplexity Automated Button Presser Design, analyze, and build a functional automated button life tester that can be used to test a variety of products under normal operating conditions.  Capstone
Bed Warmer Project Evaluate existing bedwarmer prototype and develop a design as close to production-ready as possible with upgraded features by June 9th, 2017.   Capstone
Streimer Duct Pinning Machine To design and build a serviceable machine to apply pins to insulated duct pieces.  Capstone
VFF Peach Project Employ human-centered design techniques to model, build, and test a system that reduces damage to peaches during their transport to markets while also being robust and readily integrable into current peach harvesting and transport practices in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Capstone
Ventacity Sensor Platform Capstone Project Design and build a robust sensor platform to provide accurate ambient and above ambient indoor air quality data to an HVAC controls unit no later than June 9, 2017, with a unit cost less than $2000.  Capstone
High Altitude Balloon Constellation Design, construct, test, and launch a vertically aligned high altitude balloon (HAB) constellation system at 60,000, 90,000, and 120,000 feet to capture simultaneous high-resolution images of the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017.  Capstone
Autonomous Our project is a residential biometric lock door, with an aim at innovating the accessibility and security of homeowners. Our system hopes to achieve the solution for easier accessibility for people using a non-physical lock and having the system open the door for the user. This system will detect and identify between the homeowner and unwanted trespassers, and will only unlock and open the door for people allowed by the homeowner. Freshman Engineering
SAD ART Our machine creates art based on inputs (humidity, temperature, and light) from the weather. It draws concentric circles (one every hour), with the color of the line changing during 7.5-minute intervals. Our project's aim is to lessen the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, by giving people something to look forward to. Freshman Engineering
TEAM AKERS A countertop appliance that requires very little user input to steep a delicious cup of tea. The appliance will fill a cup with hot water and measure the volume of the water poured. It will then dispense a quantity of tea, dependent on the volume of water poured, into a tea basket and lower it into the mug to steep the tea. When finished, it will raise the tea basket and gently notify you that your delicious cup of tea has been prepared. Freshman Engineering
Locker on Wheels Our project helps store your pocket items when you are required to leave them off of you or you do not want to carry it on you. For example, during SAT testing, you are not allowed to carry a cell phone with you. The mobile locker unit will come to your location when you press a radio button so that you can store your pocket valuables inside. It will then move automatically to a storage area until you call it back to retrieve your items. Freshman Engineering
IROP (International Robot of Pancakes) Our product will dispense pancake batter onto a hot pan, and flip the pancake over in the pan with a robot arm.  The only necessary human interaction is turning the heating element underneath the pan on and removing the pancake when it is fully cooked. Freshman Engineering
The Riggers The main purpose for the Mini-Rigger is to safely and securely lift unwieldy objects off of the ground. The button-activated system is self-regulated, user-friendly, and possesses many safety features. While the Mini-Rigger is ideal for a home environment, its counterpart the Ultra-Rigger (similar but larger version) would be better suited for construction sites. 75% of the zero-emission device is made from re-purposed materials. Freshman Engineering
Smart Brake This project revolves around the concepts and applications of acceleration. We seek to reduce the likelihood of rear-end collisions by calibrating and programming an accelerometer to detect and act in response to aggressive deceleration, producing a warning. We intend to tackle this problem by visually capturing the attention of drivers primarily behind the vehicle of the user, using DOT approved LED lights to flash or continuously light up variably on decided thresholds (ex;1 for light braking, 2 for mild braking, 3 for aggressive braking). Freshman Engineering
Bike NOS Design an attachment to non-motorized bikes that contains speed boosting, regenerative energy charging, and sensor-activated lighting systems. The objective is to improve bike safety by enabling riders to evade potential collisions and by increasing bike visibility. Freshman Engineering
Fridge Monitor Our ME 122 project is designed for multi-person homes that share a refrigerator. The Fridge Monitor has a security door that uses a keypad so that people can have their own shelf and their roommate(s) won't steal their food. The monitor part of our project uses a pressure system to measure how of much of your most items is left and LEDs to notify of their level (High, Med, Low). Freshman Engineering
Automated Indoor Garden An automated potted plant that monitors soil moisture as well as light exposure. Depending on readings, the pot dispenses an appropriate amount of water to the soil to keep plants hydrated.  Depending on how much light has been exposed to the plant the built in grow lights will turn on to provide light. Freshman Engineering
Box Cubed Our project seeks to provide a solution to the problem of disorganization and lost items. Our machine is a user-programmable item-retrieval system that will accept small items, stow them out of view in multiple containers, and bring the desired container to the user upon command. Freshman Engineering
BikeSafe The purpose of our project is to keep the cyclist safe and to prevent the stealing of bikes. Our design will have sensors, placed at the back of the bike to notify the cyclist when a large object such as a car is approaching the car and an accelerometer will prevent the bike from being stolen. Freshman Engineering
Smart Drain System We are making a centrifuge that is going to be used to separate water from contaminants such as oil. The dirty water is used to simulate highway water runoff that goes into storm drains. Freshman Engineering
UmbrellaPack Suited perfectly for the Portland State University Student, The UmbrellaPack solves the problem that plagues umbrella users in the rainy city of Portland. Unlike the traditional umbrella, the UmbrellaPack was engineered from the ground up with the user in mind, as it deploys, hands free, when rain is detected. This is accomplished through the use of various sensors, and actuators which allows the UmbrellaPack to deploy a unique umbrella, protecting the user, within a matter of seconds of the detection of rain. Freshman Engineering
Extrusion The project is a PLA plastic extrusion machine. This desktop machine is operated by Arduino to control and automate the extrusion of plastic filament. Freshman Engineering
Group 2-ME 122 A bed that helps the user to keep track of their schedules, also "encourages" the user to wake up forcefully when needed. Freshman Engineering
Fire Dash Fire Dash is a heads up display for firefighters. The objective of our project is to create a system which can be integrated with a thermal imaging camera that could be mounted inside of the helmet of a firefighter. Our project utilizes a projector and prism similar to google glass. Freshman Engineering
Unifob An electronic deadbolt that unlocks using RFID, Radio Frequencies, and connects to Wifi. The intention is to minimize how many keys we carry around.  Freshman Engineering