Undergraduate Specialization in the Middle East

Middle East studies at Portland State is primarily an undergraduate program. Portland State University is a national leader in supporting undergraduate education and degree concentration in Middle East studies. The following undergraduate degree options are available:

This specialization in Middle East area studies fulfills general university requirements as well as requirements for the International Studies major. Students must complete:

24 upper-division credit hours of adviser-approved Middle Eastern course work

Three years of Middle Eastern language study or equivalent proficiency

Certificate requirements are as follows:

30 adviser-approved credit hours of area courses

Two years of adviser-approved Middle Eastern language or equivalent proficiency

54 credits

The certificate may be earned simultaneously with a BA or BS degree or post-baccalaureate.

Undergraduate Admissions Procedure

Admission and degree requirement inquiries are handled directly through Portland State’s Office of Admissions located at:

104 Neuberger Hall
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751
(503) 725-3511