Former PSU Student Named 2013 Point Scholar
Posted: June 26, 2013

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Rachel Jackson has spent much of her life learning to navigate uncharted territory. Her family was ppor and moved frequently, and as a result she has been a student at seven different schools before even getting to high school. . .This constant tumult afforded her little space to think about her sexual or gender identity earlier in life. 

Her world was turned upside down again when she began her transition from male to female in 2006, just after becoming the first college graduate in her family. . . She experienced employment discrimination and struggled to meet her basic needs. Finding access to respectful, trans-competent medical care through a free clinic was transformative, and made her begin thinking and learning about healthcare. 

Rachel then taught community-informed cultural competency trainings to healthcare providers, and eventually coordinated the trans health clinic that she utilized at the beginning of her own transition. 

She completed her prerequisite work in 2013 at Portland State University. She is interested in doing primary care with urban underserved populations with an emphasis on the low-income LGBTQ community, and sees medicine as a tool for social transformation. Rachel was also struck by the tiny number of successful, visible transgender role models when she first came out, and she is happy to stand as evidence that a full spectrum of possibilities exist for trans people.

Rachel will be attending University of Washington School of Medicine. 

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