Middle East Studies Events




Saturday, Sept. 1: 8th Annual Arab American Mahrajan (Festival) at Oaks Park! (link)

Monday, October 15: Welcome Reception & Inaugural Lecture by Dr. Robert Asaadi (link)

July 11, 2018

Wednesday, July 11: Community Activism in the Greater Middle East: A Panel Discussion with MEPI Student Leaders (link)

Lecture is on June 5, 2018

MESC 2018 Lecture Series: "Somalia's Southern War: the Fight Over Land and Labor" presented by Daniel Van Lehman

"Looting and its Aftermath: Excavating El Hibeh, Middle Egypt" Presented by Dr. Carol Redmount

"The Limits of Whiteness, Iranian Americans and the Everyday Politics of Race" with Neda Maghbouleh, PhD

July 16, 2018

Monday, July 16: "Beyond Stereotypes: Exploring the Human Experiences in Iranian New Wave Cinema" presented by Dr. Robert Asaadi (link)

"Islamic Art and Calligraphy & the Artistic Heritage of Ancient Sudan" presented by Dr. Dalouk

MESC 2018 Lecture Series: "Religion and State in Muslim America" with Dr. Kambiz GhaneaBassiri

MESC 2018 Lecture Series: "Beyond a War Zone: What's Next for Iraq" presented by Ambassador Lukman Faily


The Western Ottomanists' Workshop | 2018


MESC 2018 Lecture Series: "The Role of the Holocaust in the Establishment of Israel" by Dr. Aviva Halamish




2018 MESC Lecture Series: Grant Farr, PhD- "16 Years and Counting in Afghanistan: What's Next for America's Longest War?"

Empowered Middle Eastern Woman

MESC 2018 Lecture Series: Panel Discussion on Women, Diversity, and Agency in the Middle East

Cascade Film Festival

           Film Calendar Link

ARCE Lecture: Dr. W. Benson Harer, Jr- Narcotic of the Nile: The Blue Lotus in Ancient Egypt


Art and Archaeology of the Silk Road Symposium


Careers in International Affairs and Development Series: Career Opportunities in the US Government Foreign Affairs Agencies

ARCE Lecture: Nikolaos Lazaridis-

Voices from the Desert: Ancient Travelers' Rock Graffiti in Kharga Oasis, Egypt


18th Annual Iranian Festival



A Conversation with Dr. Amanda Sloat 


ARCE Lecture: The King's Tomb in Ancient Egypt    

Portland Centers For The Arts: Bassem Youssef


ARCE Lecture: Monkeys in Ancient Egypt's Valley of the Kings: The Search for Three Unusual Tombs


Mr. Josef Burton Discusses Foreign Service Careers for PSU Students

Iris Erez: Dialogue on Dance & Desert






'The European Union Today' with Deputy Ambassador of the European Union to the United States, Caroline Vicini



Portland State of Mind: Global Professionals and the Language Enterprise

Latif Bolat: The Healing Sounds of Ancient Turkey

How and Why Turkey has Drifted Away from Democracy?             



ARCE Golden Age Archaeology in Egypt's Valley of the Kings: The Diaries of Mrs Emma B. Andrews         

Annual Iranian Festival


Clearly Valuable: What Glass at the Ancient Site of Karanis Reveals about Roman Egypt


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