For Students

The Middle East Studies Center serves as the interdisciplinary hub for Middle East studies for students across campus.

Courses and Programs

The Middle East Studies Center (MESC) promotes scholarship pertaining to the Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asian regions (MENASA) through scholarly and cross-cultural exchange. We support academic programs by providing students with the necessary resources to succeed here at PSU. Additionally, we maintain a robust Library Collection, to support students, faculty, and staff.

Certain degrees may include a MENASA focus and we encourage students to speak to faculty within their department to explore these options. You may contact us at any time to be connected to faculty who share your research and program interests.

See: Current and Past Courses for more information

Programs Abroad

Through our close relationship with Education Abroad, a number of courses in MENASA areas are available to our students. Courses are not only limited to language learning opportunities but cover a wide range of topics and departments. PSU maintains a broad network of universities and collaborators across the globe and you may discover opportunities to study your field anywhere from Kyoto to Cairo.


MESC directly supports our students with three scholarships generously provided by our alumni and partners. We highly recommend students research and apply for one of these prestigious awards. Start by reading our overview and application guidelines.

Gain Work Experience 

MESC posts graduate assistant, internship, and student worker announcements on occasion through Handshake and other mediums. Students learn valuable skills and interact with scholars from across PSU and our regional partners. We encourage students to apply for these opportunities and enhance their skill sets and experience before continuing to graduate programs or a career. Furthermore, all PSU students are eligible to participate in career fairs at the University.