For Students

The Middle East Studies Center serves as the interdisciplinary hub for Middle East studies for students across campus.



Academic Certificates and Offerings


Certificate in Middle East Studies

Use your area of specialization and foreign language to complete the Certificate in Middle East Studies


Certificate in Global Studies

Diversify your diploma without the 2 year foreign language requirement. You may be closer than you think to completing this certificate. Pick the right cluster and you only need 2 more classes for a Certificate in Global Studies


Contemporary Turkish Studies Certificate

Specializing in Turkish? This certificate is the scholaraly option for you and pairs excellent with requirements for a joint certificate in Middle East studies. Enhance your knowledge of Turkey with the Contemporary Turkish Studies Certificate


Major or Minor in Middle East Languages

Already taking a foreign language? Consider adding a language major or minor to your degree. Enhance your knowledge of the Middle East through language with options in Arabic, PersianTurkish, and even Judaic Studies.