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International Security in the 21st Century: International Graduate Student Conference
Friday, April 10, 2015 - 12:30pm to Saturday, April 11, 2015 - 10:00am

Although discussion on a New World Order started right after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a consensus on the nature of this global order is yet to be reached as the conflicts around the world are intensifying and new economic and political groupings emerging in many regions. Not only the armed conflicts in the Middle East, Ukraine, Palestine, and Sub-Saharan Africa but also the financial crises and economic recession seem to have been threatening stability and future order.

This conference is open to PSU students and Faculty.

Conference Schedule

Friday April 10 Location:College of Urban and Public Affairs 2nd Floor Gallery

Keynote Address by Prof. Jacek Kugler: The impact of Ukrainian crisis on the future of Euroasia (12.30 - 1.30 pm)

Panel 1: Domestic politics and international security (1.30 - 3.00 pm)

  • Ludmila Bogdan (Diplomatic Academy of Vienna) “Case Study of Moldova: Are People Trafficked Because They Lack Awareness and Understanding about Human Trafficking?”
  • Nora Arevalo-Meier (Portland State University) “Commemoration of a Fascist Past: Main Factors Contributing to the Reemergence of the Radical Right in Hungary Since the 2010 Parliamentary Elections”
  • Amanda Rizkallah (University of California in Los Angeles- UCLA) “Patronage Networks and Militias-turned-Parties in Post-War Lebanon”
  • Jaclyn Johnson (University of Kentucky) “The impact of social protest on democratization.”

Panel 2: Challanges to Regional Security (3.30-5pm)

  • Melissa McCracken (Oregon State University) “The Impact of the Water Footprint of Qat on Yemen’s Water Resources”
  • Felicia Grey (Old Dominion University) “The Rise of Islamist Extremism and the Threat to World Order”
  • Chae Eun Cho (Seoul National University) “Analyzing the purpose of North Korean Nuclear Development in the 1960s”

Saturday, April 11 Location: Smith Memorial Union 327

Panel 3: Culture, State Capacity and International Security (10 - 11.30 am)

  • Hidayet Siddikoglu (Hiroshima University) “Revising Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations: Implications for International Security”
  • Baris Ersoy (Institute of World Politics, Washington D.C.) “Culture, democratic values, and regional security in the Middle East”
  • Eunice Kang (University of Southern California) “Language policies and securitization”
  • Charles Dainoff (University of Kentucky) “Non-state actors and intra-state violence.”


This Conference is co-sponsored by Ashburn Institute, and Middle East Studies Center, Center for Turkish Studies, Office of Graduate Studies and Office of International Affaris at Portland State University.