The Middle east Studies Center at Portland State promotes interdisciplinary scholarship, cultural exchange, and linguistic mastery related to the Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia (MENASA). PSU students may focus on the Middle East through a variety of disciplines and curricula, including major and minor courses of study, concentrations and certificates.

Future Course Offerings

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Past Courses

Our prior courses often repeat next academic year. Please see our past offerings for course descriptions and information to assist you as you plan your degree path. Additionally, we recommend utilizing the Course Projection Planner via Banweb to assist you.

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Degree Programs and Other Specializations

PSU offers a diverse assortment of courses taught by faculty members across all departments, including Special Topics relating to other fields of study (such as Economics in the Middle East). There are numerous language courses, educational abroad experiences, and areas of focus for students wishing to engage with this unique and diverse region. Please select a program below to learn more and do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

Undergraduate Specialization

Graduate Specialization

Language Study in Arabic, Hebrew, & Persian

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