Co-Sponsorship & Listserve Use Policy

The Middle East Studies Center sponsors and co-sponsors events throughout the academic year, both in conjunction with academic departments and student organizations on campus, as well as in partnership with community groups in Portland, the state, and the nation. As part of its effort to promote understanding of the people, cultures, languages, and religions of the Middle East, the Center supports lectures and events related to the Middle East that have a strong academic basis and/or substantial cultural content as determined by OIA and MESC. 

Priority for co-sponsorship will be given to events that foster partnerships among multiple departments and programs, build on areas of strategic interest to the Center, increase the Center’s national profile, and reflect scholarly excellence.

To request co-sponsorship of an event by the Middle East Studies Center, please submit an email to Please contact MESC as far in advance as possible and note that, depending on the type of sponsorship or co-sponsorship that is needed, MESC may require notice at least six months in advance.

The Middle East Studies Center may request to be listed as a co-sponsor for any event for which it provides funding, in-kind, or significant promotional support. The Center will review all publicity materials for events that it agrees to co-sponsor. Co-sponsorship is at the discretion of the Center. Any changes to events that are co-sponsored by MESC, including program details, budget, and/or addition of other co-sponsors must be done in consultation with the Middle East Studies Center. Changes may not be made within three months of the event or after an initial sponsorship agreement has been reached.

MESC does not use its listservs to advertise initiatives that are primarily/solely for the purpose of fundraising by external organizations or are partisan in nature.

Occasionally MESC will distribute information through its listserves and on social media about events it does not sponsor or co-sponsor as long as they are deemed to have a strong academic basis and/or substantial cultural content and be of interest to listserve members and social media account followers. Views expressed at events sponsored or co-sponsored by MESC or advertised through its listserve are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the view of MESC staff or PSU.

Decisions about sponsorship, co-sponsorship, and the use of the listserve and social media accounts are made at the discretion of OIA and MESC and are made through collaborative faculty governance.