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Student Project: Oregon  Land Use Stories Project
Student Project: Oregon Land Use Stories Project

The Oregon Land Use Stories Project, a 40-day, grassroots, citizen-involvement effort, is about to begin. We are MURP students and on June 30 we will begin traveling around the state by bicycle in order to engage in conversation with citizens about land use and Measure 37. We will journey over 1,000 miles through every major population center in Oregon to better understand what Oregonians want for the future of the state land use system in the midst of the divisive and polarizing era of Measure 37.

People communicate and convey valuable information through story. We will speak with a wide variety of citizens, including ranchers, farmers, Measure 37 claimants, and neighbors of claimants. Our intention is to write a narrative that captures the diverse perspectives we encounter. This 'storybase,' as opposed to the ever-expanding database of Measure 37 claims, can serve the public by providing a more accessible avenue for understanding this issue. We are partnering with Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) who will air interviews and provide web content that follows our trip in order to make the stories we collect accessible to people throughout the state.

If you'd like more information about the Oregon Land Use Stories Project, please visit our site at