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Scott Lazenby
Scott Lazenby

Adjunct Associate Professor of Public Administration



In his research role at CPS, Scott Lazenby specializes in local government management. Projects he has worked on in the past have included the Total Employer Cost of Compensation study (in an advisory capacity), and a "boot camp" for newly elected city and county officials.

Dr. Lazenby's research and interests include innovation in both management and service provision, government budget and finance, urban renewal, staff-governing board relationships, project management, economic development, use of technology including municipal Internet service, strategic planning, lean six sigma process improvements, contract management, and development of code language and administrative rules. He currently holds the position of City Manager of Lake Oswego. Prior to this, he was city manager of Sandy OR. He has also worked as the Director of Management & Budget for Glendale, AZ, Assistant to the City Manager for Vancouver WA, and President of the Oregon City/County Management Association (2006).

Dr. Lazenby has been an adjunct instructor at the Hatfield School since 2007. He holds a BA in Physics (Reed College 1977); an MS in Public Management & Policy (Carnegie-Mellon University, 1979); and a PhD Public Administration & Policy (Hatfield School of Government, 2009).