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Meet Robert Liberty
Meet Robert Liberty

Robert Liberty, Director of the Urban Sustainability Accelerator (USA) at the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, has been working for more than 30 years to promote livable and sustainable cities and regions in Oregon, in other parts of the US and in other countries.

Mr. Liberty has worked as a land use hearings officer, a planning consultant and a speaker on planning topics in the U.S. and other countries.  He was Staff Attorney and then Executive Director of 1000 Friends of Oregon, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the implementation, defense and improvement of Oregon's comprehensive land use planning program. He also served as Senior Counsel to Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, assisting him with federal policy issues concerning livable communities.

In 2004 he was elected to the Metro Council, the metropolitan government in the Portland, Oregon region, and was re-elected in 2008. On the Metro he chaired and co-chaired committees considering rail transit investments, regional housing policy and other matters.

In his career in higher education, Mr. Liberty has helped establish relationships with sustainable city planning and design efforts in China and participated in a U.S. HUD sustainable communities regional planning grant, helping to develop triple-bottom line evaluation frameworks for transportation investments.  He became director of the Urban Sustainability Accelerator at PSU in October 2012.

Mr. Liberty received his BA in Political Science from the University of Oregon Honors College, an MA in Modern History from Oxford University, and a JD Degree from Harvard Law School. During the 2002-03 academic year, he was a Loeb Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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