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Kimberley Mansfield

Degree: Bachelor's, Liberal Studies

What's next: Willamette University College of Law

Kimberley Mansfield is a geek.

You'd never guess it from her eclectic background as a professional equestrian, actress, and bartender. But her studious side came out when she enrolled in Portland State University as an undergraduate at age 41. She missed only one class session, earned almost all A's, and is graduating summa cum laude.

In the fall, she'll start law school at Willamette University, where she wants to focus on environmental justice and sustainability issues.

"I couldn't be more proud of having Portland State on my resume," she says.

Mansfield grew up in Forest Grove and considered going to Portland State when she graduated from high school. Instead, she accepted an offer training horses, recognizing it as an opportunity best savored while young.

Later, when she was working as an actress and director in Boston and Los Angeles and then as a bartender in resorts, she became interested in psychology and communication and wanted to learn more.

At PSU, she got interested in sustainability issues and decided to apply to law school because she thought it was the best way to fight for the disadvantaged.

"The impact of climate change, water and land use, and so many other decisions weigh heaviest on those who can do the least about it," she says. "I want to be on their side."