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Author: Jenny Sherman, Senior Manager, Employee Relations/Training & Development
Posted: January 1, 2009
Words of Wisdom

"Intention has a 100 percent relationship to whether or not results are achieved"

From Work Miracles: Transform Yourself and Your Organization

by Stephen K. Hacker, Marta C, Ph.D. (Insight Press, 1999)

We are happy to introduce our new Office of Human Resources website to the University. Please note that the new web address is The new web site has been reorganized by topics, including the following major headings:

Headings Major Topics
Employee's Corner Topics of getting started at PSU, finding forms and policies, information on how to update employee personal information, separating from PSU, resources for retired employees
Benefits Learn about the PSU Benefits programs, who’s eligible, how to enroll, what are the choices, what’s covered under the plans, what to do if an employee needs to take a leave of absence
Find the payroll schedule, wage and hour rules for staff, what documentation is needed for international employees and resources for payroll taxes
Manager’s Corner
Provides information on performance evaluation procedures, training and development, recruiting and hiring staff, job classification and compensation
This section is for our internal and external job applicants to learn about various job openings, qualification requirements, and how to apply.

You’ll find added information available to employees and managers on topics such as communications and problem-solving; rules around breaks, lunches, and travel pay for our non-exempt (overtime eligible) staff members; position analysis and elements of a job description; new benefits such as Domestic Violence Leave and Lactation breaks. You’ll also find a single location for all HR forms, University policies and our Collective Bargaining Agreements/Contracts.

Please encourage your staff to visit the new website and become familiar with how we have organized the information. If you have suggestions for improving the website further, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at and we’ll see what we can do.

Please note that the site is established in a Saga environment, which runs slow for now. Shortly, we will be among the many department websites to migrate to the new Drupal software adopted by PSU.