Career Column with Jennifer Nice: 5 Steps to Interview Success
Author: Jennifer Nice, Employment Outreach Specialist
Posted: October 17, 2016

5 Steps to Interview Success

Job seeking is a lot of work -- and your work isn’t done when you finally get called for an interview. Follow these tips to walk into an interview prepared and polished:

5. Do your homework: review the company website, research company news online or in print, and check out the LinkedIn profiles of hiring managers on the interview team. Write out 3-5 questions you want to ask based on this research.

4. Study and prep for common behavioral interview questions (easily found online), such as  “Tell us about a time you had a conflict with a co-worker.”

3. Understand and rehearse the STAR technique for answering interview questions: Situation, Task, Action, Results. The STAR technique allows you to show your qualifications, rather than tell.

2. Practice! Do a mock interview if you can. At the very least, video or audio record yourself saying your answers. Rehearsing will help your delivery in the interview.

1. Be yourself. You’ve prepared, arrived early, and you’re dressed professionally. You’re qualified - otherwise they wouldn't have called you in for the interview. Be confident and remember to smile. Take a deep breath when necessary. Try to enjoy the process - that positivity will shine through and could likely result in a job offer!

Last, but not least, send a thank you note after the interview. This is easy to do if you get the business cards of the interview team. Most people agree that email is sufficient, but a handwritten thank you note will stand out.

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Jennifer Nice is the employment outreach specialist for the School of Business Undergraduate Programs Office. She helps employers connect with qualified business students, interns, and alumni for employment opportunities. Connect with Jennifer,, to learn more about career development and employment outreach at PSU.