Dr. Randy Blazak

Randy Blazak is an associate professor of sociology at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. He is the director of the Hate Crime Research Network (www.hatecrime.net) which connects academic work on bias criminality. He is also the co- founder of Oregon Spotlight, which monitors hate groups in the state of Oregon and he is the chair of the Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crimes. He has published his research on youth and hate in journals, book chapters and books, including his text with Wayne S. Wooden,, entitled Renegade Kids, Suburban Outlaws: From Youth Culture to Delinquency ( Wadsworth2001) and an upcoming text for Wadsworth on juvenile delinquency. His most recent work appears in The Encyclopedia of Terrorism (Sage, 2002), Home-Grown Hate,( Routledge, 2004), Globalizing the Streets ( NYU Press, 2004) and General Strain Theory: Essential Readings ( Wadsworth, 2004). Dr. Blazak is currently researching prison Odinism among white supremacists.