Dr. Kimberly Brown

Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Kimberley Brown


Kimberley Brown, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and International Studies at Portland State University, Portland, received her PhD in second Languages and Cultures Education from the University of Minnesota in 1988. Before entering her doctoral program, she taught EFL in Tehran, Iran and ESL in Minnesota. She has served as Vice-Provost for International Affairs (1999-2002), Associate Vice-Provost for International Affairs (1997-1999), Associate Director, International Affairs (1994-1997), and Director of the Program in International Studies from 1994 – 2002). She has played a central role in the implementation of the Portland State University Presidential Initiative on Comprehensive Internationalization, chairing a strategic planning committee, developing in-house documents summarizing the literature on internationalizing the campus, framing a case study of institutional investments in one particular country, and presenting the state of internationalization on our campus in a variety of local and international contexts.