Dr. David Johnson

David A. Johnson is Professor of History at PSU.  He received his BA in Comparative Culture from the University of California, Irvine (1972) and PhD in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania (1977).  His first book, Founding the Far West: California, Oregon, Nevada, 1840-1890 (1992), received the 1992 Best Book Award from the Pacific Coast Branch, American Historical Association, and was finalist for the Victor Prize for Prose Non-Fiction from the Oregon Institute for Literary Arts.  At Portland State University, Johnson has received the Burlington Northern Award for excellence in teaching and scholarship (1992), the John Eliot Allen Teaching Award (2000), and the Branford Price Millar for outstanding scholarship and service (2004).  From 1993-1996 Johnson was Chair of the Department of History, and, since 1996, Managing Editor of the Pacific Historical Review.