The mathematical sciences have long provided the necessary languages of the physical sciences, but are now also recognized as important components of study for students in computer science, social sciences, business administration, education, and the biological sciences. Mathematics and statistics are also disciplines in themselves and may be studied purely for the excitement and discovery it brings to those who study it. To meet these needs the department offers an array of courses in pure and applied mathematics and statistics.

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Undergraduate and Postbaccalaureate

Our undergraduate programs are designed to provide a foundation for more advanced work in mathematics or statistics. The skills that are learned in mathematics and statistics classes are especially valued in today's world. We welcome all students from freshmen exploring majors to adults returning to school. 

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Our graduate programs prepare students to earn employment in government, industry, or secondary and higher education.  With both day and evening classes and supportive faculty, our programs enable students to manage other life responsibilities while earning a higher degree.