Panayot Vassilevski selected as 2018 SIAM Fellow

Congratulations to Portland State Professor of Mathematics Panayot
Vassilevski! The SIAM Fellows Selection Committee just announced that
Professor Vassilevski will be a 2018 SIAM Fellow, joining a small and
distinguished group of researchers in applied mathematics. The SIAM
fellows are members who are recognized by their peers as
"distinguished for their contributions to the discipline" (see the list of
2018 SIAM Fellows
for more information.)

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics is the world's
largest professional association devoted to applied mathematics. SIAM
is an international community of over 14,000 individual members.
Almost 500 academic, manufacturing, research and development, service
and consulting organizations, government, and military organizations
worldwide are institutional members. Applied mathematics in
partnership with computational science is essential in solving many
real-world problems.

Professor Vassilevski received this honor for his work in designing
algebraic approaches for creating and analyzing multilevel algorithms.
His general area of research is in the numerical solution of partial
differential equations, where he has contributed both to the fields of
discretizations and linear solvers and preconditioners. More recently,
he has also been involved in designing and analyzing algorithms that
are at the interface of discrete and continuous mathematics such as
those needed in network simulations. An overarching theme of his
research is multilevel methods, including multigrid methods and
automatic dimension reduction by coarsening and upscaling.

The matrix-based approaches he pioneered provides an independent
avenue for analyzing and designing preconditioners, distinct from the
many other analytical approaches to domain decomposition and
multilevel algorithms. His monograph "Multilevel Block Factorization
Preconditioners" is a masterful demonstration, in over 500 pages, of
what can be accomplished with this approach.