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Endowed Scholarship Story: Tim Douglas Becomes Viking Leader
Author: by John Wykoff, for Portland State Athletics
Posted: June 17, 2014
This is the second in a series of stories on Portland State student-athletes who've earned Endowed Scholarships. 
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Tim Douglas goes for a steal in a game against North Dakota last season.
Viking Point Guard Tim Douglas' debut as a Viking was just about everything Head Coach Tyler Geving could have asked.

"Tim brings good leadership and maturity to the team. He is responsible on and off the court which makes him a natural leader for our team," said Geving of this year's recipient of the Dick Bergman Memorial Scholarship.        

In fact, Douglas' biggest achievement this year may have been off the court.       

Always a good student, Douglas was able to concentrate on academics during his first season as a Viking. NCAA transfer rules required him to sit out a year following his decision to become a Viking after two years at the University of Portland.        

With that year under his belt, Douglas graduated this spring with a degree in pre-med. With a year of eligibility left, he'll work on his second major, Health Studies, next season and he wants to become a doctor, physician's assistant or athletic trainer.      

Douglas transferred to PSU because the style of play fit him better… more up-tempo, more guard-oriented, he said.      

And Viking Head Coach Tyler Geving was glad to have him.     

"Tim is someone you can depend on every day to show up and work hard," Geving said.     

That work ethic led to him averaging 11.8 points and 3.1 assists per game, shooting .382 from the field, .331 from three-point range and .784 at the line during his first year as a Viking.       

"He really improved his shooting this season and has added more muscle to his frame by working hard in the weight room this spring," said Geving.       

Douglas said he tried to step up based on what the team needed. And he got better at seeing that as the season progressed.

"I was able to come right in and play after sitting out.  Over the year, I became more of a scorer and more of a play maker, still scoring but doing other stuff," Douglas said.        

Ironically, his best game this season (27 points, six rebounds, four steals and three assists) was in a pre-season game against crosstown rival University of Portland… a team where he still has a lot of friends.    

And, his most productive game as a Pilot (also 27 points) came against the Vikings during his freshman year.     

"My freshman year, my teammates hadn't beaten PSU, so that was motivation. And, I still have friends on the University of Portland team, so that was motivation this season," said Douglas.       

Did he meet his personal expectations this season…well, yes and no.       

"Yes, I came in and had a good healthy year (he started every game at point guard and led the team with 34.8 minutes per game).   It was the first year I'd been healthy the whole year. And, no, because I wanted to go to the NCAA tournament. I'm looking forward to doing that next year."       

Next season, Geving is counting on Douglas to continue "being a leader and to get his teammates involved in the offensive end, so we can be a great team again."       

Douglas expectations for next season are to become a better shooter, better all-around player and better on defense.  "This summer I'll be living in the gym," he said ruefully.          

"Tim is someone who will excel in all aspects of life when basketball is done," said Geving.