Minor in Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the original liberal arts. For centuries, since the time of Plato's Academy, the study of mathematics has been one of the hallmarks of being well educated. The skills that are learned in mathematics and statistics classes are especially valued in today's world. Whether a student's program is philosophy, business, fine art, physics, or engineering, it will be more valuable if a strong program in mathematics and statistics accompanies it.

Minor Requirements:

The minor in mathematics program requires the completion of the following courses: 

  • Mth 251, 252, 253, 254 Calculus I, II, III, IV  (16 credits)
  • Mth 261, Introduction to Linear Algebra  (4 credits)
  • Either Mth 311, Introduction to Mathematical Analysis I or Mth 344, Group Theory  (4 credits)
  • Three approved Mth or Stat elective courses not used in the above requirements*  (9-12 credits)

*Approved electives are Mth 256, 311, 312, 344, Stat 351, Stat 353 plus any course approved as an elective for the major. Only grades of C-, P, or above count toward satisfying the department minor requirements. No more than three courses with a grade of P may be counted toward these requirements. Three approved upper-division courses must be taken in residence at PSU.  MTH 255 Calculus V is also an approved elective for students admitted to the minor in mathematics for fall 2019 or later. 

Directions on how to declare a minor.


Contact Dr. Beatriz Lafferriere by sending an email to mathstatadvising@pdx.edu. Dr. Beatriz Lafferriere's office hours are posted on her personal webpage: web.pdx.edu/~beatrizl.