Mathematics Minor

A student must complete the following program (3 approved upper-division courses must be taken in residence at PSU):

  • Mth 251, 252, 253, Calculus I, II, III  (12 credits)
  • Mth 261, Introduction to Linear Algebra  (4 credits)
  • Mth 254, Calculus IV  (4 credits)
  • Either Mth 311, Advanced Calculus I or Mth 344, Group Theory  (4 credits)
  • Three approved Mth or Stat elective courses*  (9-12 credits)

*Approved electives are Mth 256, 311, 312, 344, plus any course approved as an elective for the major.

Only grades of C-, P, or above count toward satisfying the department minor requirements. No more than three courses with a grade of P may be counted toward these requirements.