Approved Undergraduate Sequences and Electives

400-level Approved Sequences for the Mathematics Major 

Course Number Course Title
Mth 411-412 Introduction to Real Analysis I, II
Mth 421-422 Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations I, II
Mth 424-425 Elementary Differential Geometry and Tensor Analysis I, II
Mth 427-428 Partial Differential Equations I, II
Mth 431-432 Topics in Geometry I, II
Mth 434-435 Set Theory and Topology I, II
Mth 435-436 Set Theory and Topology II, III
Mth 441-442 Introduction to Abstract Algebra I, II
Mth 444-445 Advanced Linear/ Multilinear Algebra I, II
Mth 451-452 Numerical Calculus I, II
Mth 457-458 The Mathematical Theory of Games
Mth 461-462 Graph Theory I, II
Mth 464-465 Numerical Optimization I, II
Mth 470-471 Complex Analysis and Boundary Value Problems I, II
Mth 477-478 Mathematical Control Theory I, II
Stat 461-462 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I, II
Stat 465-466 Experimental Design: Theory and Methods I, II
Stat 467-468 Applied Probability I, II

Each course appearing on the 400 level approved sequences list counts as an approved elective when it is not used as part of the sequence satisfying the 400 level sequence requirement for the major.

In addition, the following courses also count as approved electives.

Approved Electives for the Mathematics Major

Course Number Course Title
Mth 300 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
Mth 313 Advanced Multivariable Calculus
Mth 322 Applied Partial Differential Equations
Mth 324 Vector Analysis
Mth 338 Modern College Geometry
Mth 343 Applied Linear Algebra
Mth 345 Introduction to Ring and Field Theory
Mth 346 Number Theory
Mth 356 Discrete Mathematics
Mth 449 Topics in Advanced Number Theory
Mth 456 Topics in Combinatorics
Mth 480 Systems Analysis: Calculus of Variations
Mth 481 Topics in Probability for Mathematics Teachers
Mth 482 Topics in Statistics for Mathematics Teachers
Mth 483 Topics in Geometry for Mathematics Teachers
Mth 484 Topics in Algebra for Mathematics Teachers
Mth 485 Topics in Analysis for Mathematics Teachers
Mth 486 Topics in the History of Mathematics
Mth 487 Discrete Mathematics for Mathematics Teachers
Mth 488 Topics in Technology for Mathematics Teachers
Stat 451 Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists I
Stat 452 Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists II
Stat 464 Applied Regression Analysis

Degree Maps for the Mathematics Major


Approved Mathematics + Statistics Electives for the Data Science Major

Course Number Course Title
Mth 451 Numerical Calculus I
Mth 452 Numerical Calculus II
Mth 453 Numerical Calculus III
Mth 461 Graph Theory I
Mth 464 Numerical Optimization I 
Mth 465 Numerical Optimization II
Mth 462 Graph Theory II
Stat 461 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I
Stat 462 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II

Approved Electives from Other Disciplines for the Data Science Major

Course Number  Course Title
PHE 350 Health and Health Systems
PHE 450 Epidemiology
PHE 427 Health Informatics
CS 445 Machine Learning
CS 441 Artificial Intelligence
CS 430 Internet and Cloud Computing
ACTG 335 Accounting Information Systems
G 324 Data Management and Analysis
ISQA 481 Blockchain Fundamentals
MGMT 442 Human Resources Information Technology & People Analytics
GSCM 412 Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Phl, 314U Computer Ethics
Comm 389U Ethics of Human Communication

Check with the adviser for the list of additional courses, including omnibus-numbered courses, which may be approved as electives.

Degree Map for the Data Science Major