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Letters: Spring 2014
Author: Kathryn Kirkland
Posted: April 21, 2014

Mystery photo revealed

About your mystery photo for the fall issue [Looking Back, Fall 2013], I'm sure that someone has identified those three men: J. Neil "Skip" Stahley, athletic director; Tim Von Dulm, outstanding quarterback of that year's [1970] team; and Don Read, head coach. Tim was a teammate of mine that season, and I remember him as a fierce competitor, with great skills.

J. Jahns ' 71

About that playing field

I was on the football team at the time and am certain that's Don Read and Tim Von Dulm. Note the old artificial turf [Civic Stadium now Providence Park]. It was Tartan Turf and was like indoor/outdoor carpet. Worst stuff ever. Great for abrasions and transmission of infections!

Jon Carey ' 73

She changed Roosevelt High

I just received the Portland State Magazine with Deborah Peterson's picture on the cover. What a great picture and article ["Urban Principal Finds Hope," Fall 2013]. I was so moved reading the article. It was Deborah's dedication and perseverance that changed Roosevelt High School into what it has become today. Deborah is a passionate teacher and principal. She shows her love of knowledge and reveals herself to be deeply stirred by issues that challenge students in our schools. She is also monumental in affirming students' identities as well as establishing caring relationships with teachers as well as students. I have always admired Deborah's professionalism and commitment to education.

Rose Bloom ' 70

A principal with grit

I loved the article Deborah Peterson wrote for Portland State Magazine. I really liked how Deborah shared her ambivalence about staying at or leaving her position. That grit and determination only comes from adversity, which she faced in spades. Her reflections remind me of the shared personal and professional challenges that educators face each day as they work in schools. I am now working in three different elementary schools in Vancouver as a district coach for positive behavioral interventions and supports.

Eoin Bastable MSW '02

'Real' life in our schools

I appreciated the description of "real" elements in Deborah Peterson's article on her time at Roosevelt. It was powerful due to her writing—so colorful! I hope she'll continue to be a wonderful conveyor of life in schools.

Bob Everhart
Dean emeritus, PSU Graduate School of Education

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