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An encyclopedia for us all
Author: Kathryn Kirkland
Posted: May 19, 2008

PORTLAND STATE IS partnering with Oregon Historical Society to create an online encyclopedia of "everything or anyone in Oregon." Under the guidance of history Prof. Bill Lang, a Web site was launched--now it's up to all Oregonians to flesh out the information.

Lewis & Clark Exposition, 1905At, people can suggest entries or write actual submissions. There are guidelines asking that entries be significant to Oregon, and nothing will go live until experts review content and check it for accuracy.

The Oregon Encyclopedia already has information on Japanese internment, KBOO radio, and the Lewis and Clark Exposition, to name a few entries. The volunteer organizers of the new resource are also actively seeking information. They plan to visit about 30 communities in Oregon during the next year.

Lang hopes this community outreach will make people "aware of what's important about their places and encourage them to put their own energies into some of the entries."

The Oregon Encyclopedia should be ready for the state's sesquicentennial next year, but Lang and the other editors, Rick Hardt and Linda Tamura, want the project to live on, with continuous updates and revisions.

[The Lewis and Clark Exposition, 1905. (Photo 25137 courtesy of the Oregon Historical Society)]

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