Tanya (Tetyana) Sydorenko

Assistant Professor


(503) 725-2386

More Information

Ph.D. Second Language Studies, Michigan State University 2011M.A. Linguistics (includes TESOL courses), Eastern Michigan University 2006B.S. Linguistics, Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri 2003

Courses Taught

  • LING 390: Introduction to Linguistics
  • LING 411/511: Syntax
  • LING 414/514: Pragmatics
  • LING 438/538: Second Language Acquisition
  • LING 560: Research Design
  • LING 561: Research Methods
  • RUS 201: Second-year Russian

Research Interests

  • Computer-assisted language learning
  • Second language pragmatics
  • Psycholinguistics (cognitive processes in SLA, eye-tracking research)
  • Language testing/assessment

Representative Publications

  • Sydorenko, T., Hsieh, C-N., & Arnold, N. (2017). Foreign Language Learners' Beliefs about CALL: The Case of a U.S. Midwestern University. CALICO Journal, 34 (2). 
  • Sydorenko, T., & Tuason, G.H. (2016). Noticing of pragmatic features during spoken interaction. In K. Bardovi-Harlig and C. Felix-Brasdefer (Eds.), Pragmatics and Language Learning
  • Sydorenko, T. (2014). The use of structured computer-delivered tasks with native speaker models and open-ended learner-learner role-plays in pragmatic instruction: An exploratory study. Intercultural Pragmatics, 12(3), 333-362. 
  • Sydorenko, T., Maynard, C., and Guntly, E. (2014). Rater behavior when judging language learners' pragmatic appropriateness in extended discourse. TESL Canada Journal, 32(1), 19-41. 
  • Winke, P., Gass, S., Sydorenko, T. (2013). Factors influencing the use of captions by foreign language learners: An eye-tracking study. The Modern Language Journal, 97(1), 254-275.
  • Sydorenko, T. (2011). Item writer judgments of item difficulty versus actual item difficulty: A case study. Language Assessment Quarterly, 8(1), 34-52.
  • Sydorenko, T. (2010). Modality of input and vocabulary acquisition. Language Learning & Technology, 14(2), 50-73.
  • Winke, P., Gass, S. M., & Sydorenko, T. (2010). The effects of captioning videos used for foreign language listening activities. Language Learning & Technology, 14(1), 66-87.
  • Lyddon, P. A., & Sydorenko, T. (2008). Assessing distance language learning. In S. Goertler & P. Winke (Eds.), Opening doors through distance language education: Principles, perspectives, and practices (pp. 109-128). San Marcos, TX: Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium.
  • Sydorenko, T., Myers, T., & Nakhimovsky, A. (2008). Pedagogical uses of multimedia annotators and players. In M. Lytras, D. Gasevic, P. Ordonez de Pablos, & W. Huang (Eds.), Technology enhanced learning: Best practices (pp. 185-204). Hershey, NY: IDEA Group Publishing.