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Meet Jessica Hanson
Meet Jessica Hanson
A graduate of the M.A. TESOL program (2013), Jessica now works as a Communications Specialist at Earth Economics, a non-profit research organization in Tacoma, WA.  Earth Economics works  with policy makers, businesses, investors, and others to take nature into account and enable sound investment and policy decisions that mitigate risks and build resilience.  They put a value on ecosystem goods and services (natural flood protection, water quality, etc.) so that organizations can make the best decisions about how to manage and work with natural landscapes effectively and in a way that is good for both local communities and the environments that sustain them. As a Communications Specialist, Jessica facilitates both internal and external communications. 
  She works on a range of projects, from editing research reports, to facilitating their website redesign work and writing new content to distribute to the public, potential funders, and clients. Jessica says "I use what I learned at Portland State all the time as I help our researchers and analysts with writing skills and effective communication of in-depth, complicated topics for a very broad, general audience!"  
Over the summer, Jessica participated in the Panama Teacher Match Program ( administered by Partners of the Americas.  The program is a joint initiative of the Panamanian government and the US Department of State.   Last year was the pilot year, and there were 18 teachers from across the US placed all over Panama, with at least one teacher in each of the ten provinces. Jessica was placed at an elementary school in Las Tablas, Panama,  where she worked with six different English teachers and the cutest bunch of kids who were all very eager to test out their English with the teacher from the US! At the end of the experience, she also conducted a teacher training workshop for the English department: "It was a fantastic experience, and such a great opportunity to help develop a new program and challenge myself.  I've been able to stay involved a bit in helping review the next round of applicants, and may also be serving as a mentor/resource for the next teachers."