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What is the Portfolio?

The Teaching Portfolio in the Department of Applied Linguistics serves to document the student's required hours of tutoring, classroom observation, and practice teaching. 

Who Must Complete a Portfolio?

Every MA TESOL student and every TESL Certificate student must complete the TESOL Methods sequence, LING 477/577 TESOL Methods I and LING 478/578 TESOL Methods II (TESOL Methods I-II), and a faculty-approved Teaching Portfolio in order to graduate.  In the exceptionally rare case that a TESL Certificate student or a MA TESOL student might transfer in credit for TESOL Methods I-II, the student must still complete the Portfolio.

What are the Required Contents of the Portfolio?

The Portfolio Checklist itemizes requirements.  See Portfolio Checklist Appendix for essential information. Many of the reports and reflections required in the Portfolio, such as the teaching philosophy, lesson plans, etc., are assigned during TESOL Methods I-II.

How Much of Each Type of Practice, Observing, Teaching, and Tutoring, do I need?

The Portfolio includes documentation of 70 practice hours, with a minimum of 15 hours in each of the following areas:

  • Tutoring
  • Observing ESOL classes
  • Practice teaching

Up to ten hours of teaching, observing, or tutoring that was completed before beginning the Methods I course may be applied toward the seventy total hours required in the Portfolio. For essential information schedule an appointment with a methods faculty member.  After the initial forty-five hours are completed, the distribution of the remaining twenty-five hours among tutoring, observing and practice teaching will depend on the specific needs of the student.

Portfolio Credits LING 409/509 Community ESL or IELP Practicum

Generally, a student-teacher enrolled in Community ESL or IELP Practicum teaches 26-to-32 hours in a term.  Application is required for Community Practicum.

When is the Portfolio Due, and How Should I Submit it for Approval?

The Portfolio must be submitted to a TESOL Methods I or II instructor for approval no later than the end of week 6 three academic quarters after completion of Methods II, unless specific alternative arrangements have been made with the student's TESOL Methods faculty.  The Portfolio must be completed and approved before graduation.

MA TESOL students please note: the Portfolio must be approved before the Culminating Experience certification form can be sent to the Graduate Office.