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OPB: Oregon students start university year in new housing
Author: Rob Manning
Posted: October 1, 2012

Read the original story from OPB here.

When Oregon's public university students start their first day of classes today, many of them will roll out of bed in brand-new rooms.

The University of Oregon opened its first new dorm since 2006 to 450 students. The Global Scholars Hall is geared for students learning foreign languages.

And University Pointe is Portland State University's new 16-story downtown student housing building.

PSU sophomore Sabrina Wilken moved in Friday, after living at home in Hillsboro her freshman year.

"Basically, it's easier to get to class, like if I have to turn in a paper last minute, or do something, see a teacher, I don't need to drive an hour and a half," she says. "I can just literally walk five minutes, which is a huge benefit."

But Wilken chafes at the rent she pays at the privately-managed building. She pays just under $500 a month ­ which is actually the lowest rent in the building.

The student housing represents a shift away from PSU as a commuter school. The high-rise means 10percent of PSU's 30,000 students can now live on campus.