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Kathy Harris

Research Faculty, LLTR
Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics


(503) 725-8300

More information

Ph.D. Linguistics, Northwestern University 1995B.A. Business Administration, Lewis and Clark College 1984

Courses Taught

  • LING 410/510: Selected Topics: Teaching Adult ESL
  • LING 438/538 Second Language Acquisition
  • LING 475/575: Curriculum Design & Materials Development
  • LING 477/577: TESOL Methods I
  • LING 478/578: TESOL Methods II

Research Interests

  • Adult digital literacy acquisition in various settings
  • Teacher learning
  • Video in pre-service and in-service teacher learning
  • Classroom second language acquisition
  • Teaching and learning issues with low educated second language and literacy acquisition (LESLLA) learners

Representative Publications

  • Harris, K. (2015). Integrating digital literacy into adult English language instruction: Issue Brief. LINCS ESL Pro Issue Brief. Washington, D.C.: American Institutes for Research. http: //
  • Ramírez-Esparza, N., Harris, K., Hellermann, J., Richard, C., Kuhl, P. K., & Reder, S. (2012).
    Socio-interactive practices and personality in adult learners of English with little formal
    education. Language Learning, 62(2), 541-570.
  • Harris, K. & Allen, D. (2012). ELL-U: Working with Emergent Readers. Learner Web Learning Plan for Professional Development. Retrieved from
  • Harris, K. & Allen, D. (2011). ELL-U: Teaching Vocabulary. Learner Web Learning Plan for Professional Development. Retrieved from
  • Harris, K. A. (2005). Same activity, different focus. Focus On Basics:  Connecting Research and
    Practice, 8(A).
  • Reder, S., Harris, K., & Setzler, K. (2003). The multimedia adult ESL learner corpus. TESOL
    Quarterly, 37(3), 546-557.

Creative Works

  • Harris, K. (2015). Integrating digital literacy into adult English language instruction: Professional development module. Unit 1: Digital Literacy in our lives, Unit 2: Information and communication technologies for language learning, Unit 3: Digital Information literacy, Unit 4: Solving problems in technology-rich environment. Four online courses available at
  • St. John, K., Prevedel, A., Heavenridge, P., Caston, W., Winters, K. & Harris, K., (2014). Tutor ready: Learning plans for for literacy tutors. Learner Web Learning plan available at