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Jenny Mittelstaedt

Adjunct Assistant Professor


(503) 725-4191

    Ph.D. Linguistics, Georgetown University 2006M.S. Linguistics, Georgetown University 2003B.A. German and Linguistics, University of Michigan 1999

    Courses Taught

    • LING 232: Language and Society
    • LING 233: Language and Mind
    • LING 390: Introduction to Linguistics
    • LING 392: Structure of English Language
    • LING 410/510: Selected Topics: Language Variation and Change, Psychology of Reading, Morphology
    • LING 411/511: Syntax
    • LING 432/532: Sociolinguistics
    • LING 490/590: History of the English Language

    Research Interests

    • American English Dialects
    • Morphological Theory
    • Language Variation and Change (Morphology and Syntax)
    • Sociolinguistic Field Methods
    • The Relationship between Linguistic Theory and Sociolinguistics
    • First and Second Language Acquisition of Variation
    • Hypercorrection

    Representative Publications

    • Mittelstaedt, J. (2007). Apparent-time change in the smith island auxiliary verb system.  In Y. Matsumoto, D. Yoshima, O. Robinson, & P. Sells. (Eds.), Diversity in language:  Perspectives and implications.  Stanford:  CSLI.