On-Ramps to E-Health Portals


With support from the Community Health Fund, the On-Ramps to e-Health Portals project aims to strengthen patient engagement with online health portals. The advantages of health portal use are numerous; patients are able to send messages to their doctors, review test results, refill prescriptions, and schedule appointments. Online access to health information increases communication between patients and providers. It also benefits clinics by decreasing time spent on the phone and bolstering patient understanding of preventative care, thus appropriately increasing patient office visits.

On-Ramps to e-Health Portals seeks to reduce barriers to health portal access by targeting low digital literacy and Spanish-speaking populations. The project has multiple stages that will take place over the course of a year. First, through partnership with the Wallace Medical Concern, the On-Ramps team will evaluate current impediments to health portal use. Insights from patient interviews will then be used to create educational modules in Learner Web. The On-Ramps team will pilot these materials at the Wallace Clinic with tutor support. Finally, the project will evaluate the extent to which the learning plans increase health portal engagement. Materials will be adapted with the ultimate goal of serving wider populations and additional clinics.