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Applied Linguistics Major

Applied Linguistics at Portland State Prepares Students for Careers

The Applied Linguistics Major provides students with a strong background in the scientific study of language and the uses to which such study can be put. Because language is the most accessible and structured of human behaviors, its analysis leads to great insights into the workings of the human mind and into human behavior in general. Linguistics has led to discoveries in other disciplines such as philosophy, cognitive studies, and artificial intelligence, as well as in social sciences such as anthropology, psychology and sociology.

A Bachelor's degree in Applied Linguistics provides students with many opportunities for interesting and fulfilling careers. Potential career options for students with a BA in Applied Linguistics include, but are not limited to:

  • Dialectic Coach
  • Teacher of English as a Second/Foreign Language
  • Interpreter/Translator
  • Technical Writer

Applied Linguistics Course Plan Approval Form

No later than the end of the first quarter after starting in the Applied Linguistics program, the student is required to consult with an Applied Linguistics faculty adviser to select the appropriate courses and areas of concentration. 

The student's entire program of study must be approved by the Applied Linguistics faculty adviser. The faculty adviser will ensure your coursework plan satisfies all department and university requirements. The faculty adviser must sign the student's Applied Linguistics Major Program of Study Approval Form and the student then submits it to the Applied Linguistics Department Manager.

Planning Your Course Load

The recommended full-time course load is 12 to 16 credits. Click Here for the Degree Map.

Grammar Test

Applied Linguistics students who want to take LING 470 Grammar for TESOL but who have not yet taken LING 392 Structure of English, must take the English Grammar Test as a diagnostic to determine their eligibility for LING 470.

Mark Your Calendar

Two quarters before intended graduation, the student must complete and submit to the Office of Degree Requirements, the Application for Undergraduate Degree.

Second BA in Applied Linguistics

Students who already hold a BA degree in any subject may receive a second BA degree in Applied Linguistics by fulfilling the Departmental requirements for the major in Applied Linguistics.