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Applied Linguistics Minor - Degree Requirements

The Applied Linguistics Minor is designed to supplement a major in another related area such as Speech and Hearing, Communication, or a foreign language. 

Contact the Applied Linguistics faculty adviser with questions about the minor.

Credits  Courses Prerequisites

LING 390 Introduction to Linguistics


LING 392 Structure of English*
LING 411 Syntax**

*LING 390 Introduction to Linguistics
**LING 390 Introduction to Linguistics and and one other course in linguistics

LING 490 History of the English Language

LING 390 Introduction to Linguistics

LING electives (upper division)

Various (advisor approved)
28 Total***



***To earn an academic Minor in Applied Linguistics, the student must earn a "C" or above in 28 completed adviser-approved credits.  Twelve of these adviser-approved credits must be completed in residence at PSU.

BLANK - Ling Minor planning form.pdf